Product Update: Q2 2022

Image of the blog authorChris PattisonLast updated: June 1, 2023

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Last quarter we publicly launched the Squeaky app and we've continued to improve the performance and functionality of our product since then. In the post below we've outlined some of the key product updates from April → June 2022.

New feature: Journeys

During customer interviews and sales demos we've received several requests to include a user journey mapping feature in Squeaky. It made perfect sense, given that we already capture all the page visits during each visitor journey on a site, so we built it.

We've called the feature Journeys, and it will help you to discover how your visitors are navigating your site, so that you can uncover unexpected patterns in your user behaviour and optimise your user journeys.

An image of the Journeys page inside the Squeaky app
An image of the Journeys page inside the Squeaky app

So how does Journeys work? There's a guide available here, but it's really simple. All you need to do is define a page as your start or end point, and we'll show you how users were getting to or from that page.

Not only that, but there's no setup needed because we've automatically been capturing the required data since you first started using Squeaky.

NPS® & Sentiment survey improvements

On request, we've made several improvements to our customer feedback functionality, including:

  • Creating additional settings for the sentiment widget that allow you to determine which device widths you display your sentiment survey on.
  • Likewise, we've introduced new controls for our NPS widget that allow you to determine which pages to display it on.
  • If you've received any new customer feedback within the past hour, we'll now send you a summary email of the feedback. If any of your team members wish to be excluded from customer feedback notifications then they can turn them off from within their account settings.

Help centre launched

If you are looking for tips and information about how to use Squeaky, you can find them easily in our new help centre.

An image of the Squeaky help center
An image of the Squeaky help center

It's early days, but we've already added comprehensive guides for tracking code installation, manuals for each of Squeaky's core features, and a host of FAQ pages. We're adding new pages most weeks, so if there's anything you feel like you're missing then let us know!

Annual payment plans

Historically you could only pay for Squeaky on a monthly basis, we've now added the option to pay yearly, which also includes a 20% discount!

We've added a couple of new filters in the Visitors and Recordings tables:

Starred visitors
Quickly view data only relating to your starred visitors

UTM parameters
If you're running campaigns that rely on UTM parameters for tracking, you will now be able to filter against these in your recordings table. We've got some other great functionality coming up this quarter too, where we introduce UTM metrics to analytics.

Search visitor ID's and linked data
If you want to quickly find a specific visitor in your database you can now surface them quickly thanks to the addition of a search input in the top-right of the visitors table

An image of the search bar on the visitors page inside the Squeaky app
An image of the search bar on the visitors page inside the Squeaky app

Added programs to our website

We've recently introduced 2 new programs available to our customers and the wider analytics community.

Startup program
Firstly, in an effort to make Squeaky accessible to business both large and small, we've created a Startup Program. If your business is less than 2 years old you can now access any of our paid plans with a 50% discount for 2 years.

Partner program
Alongside this, we've created a Partners Program. If you have clients that would benefit from analytics tooling like Squeaky you'll be able to invite them to join and take a 20% share of the future income from any subscriptions they take up.


Added a shuffle button
The preview images of your site in heatmaps are sourced directly from your saved recordings. This is great because you'll always maintain an historical record of your site's appearance, but it also means that sometimes you end up with a preview image that's not quite the version of the page you're looking for. To resolve this, we've added a shuffle button.

An image of the heatmaps shuffle button inside the Squeaky app
An image of the heatmaps shuffle button inside the Squeaky app

Improved performance
We've made considerable performance improvements that mean you can now view aggregated data from over a year and it loads in a matter of seconds.

Privacy and compliance

Form anonymisation controls
Squeaky is incredibly privacy-friendly and historically that has meant that you can't capture any form data your visitors input on your site using our tracking code. We stand by that decision, and it is still the default setting for all Squeaky sites, but we have several customers who need to capture form data (with the consent of their users) as it's important to their business operations. So, we now have an additional option to turn off form anonymisation.

If you need to make use of this feature simple head to Settings > Site > Privacy.

Customer support access
We've also added simple controls inside Squeaky so that you can toggle customer support access on and off. Prior to this update we had to manually toggle access when you granted us permission to access your data, but now you can grant that access yourself with one click.

JS Error Tracking

We now track JS errors that your visitors encounter on your site and we highlight these in your session playback.

An image of the javascript errors events inside the Squeaky app
An image of the javascript errors events inside the Squeaky app

Later this month we'll be introducing Event Tracking, where you'll be able to track errors by type and see exactly where the biggest problems are occurring!

Migrating to ClickHouse

We've spent a considerable amount of time and effort moving our events data from Postgres to ClickHouse, which will enable us to run complex queries against the data. The current events table contains billions of rows, and had not been architected in a way that would allow us to surface granular datapoints in a performant way.

So why ClickHouse? Well, they claim to be the fastest OLAP database on earth, and so far we believe them! It's enabled us to build and test features such as event tracking and funnels that can be queried and aggregated in real time. We'll be rolling those features out through the quarter ahead, but so far they're working great.

As we continue our migration over to ClickHouse, you can also expect speed improvements across the board.

If you've read this far then we hope you're impressed! We've been moving so fast that we'll be switching Product Updates to a monthly cadence from now on, so that they're not quite as long.