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Heatmaps at a glance

Screenshot from inside the app
Screenshot from inside the app
Screenshot from inside the app
Screenshot from inside the app
Screenshot from inside the app

Click and mouse maps let you see which elements are being clicked or hovered on each page of your site, allowing you to pinpoint the content and interface elements that matter most.

Screenshot from inside the app

Scrollmaps help you discover whether your visitors are really scrolling far enough to reach the content that matters.

Screenshot from inside the app

What works well on a desktop, may perform entirely different on a tablet or mobile device. With Squeaky you can toggle between views to compare the performance.

Screenshot from inside the app

Use date filters to compare the performance or your pages before and after major changes, to discover if the work your'e doing is having the impact you expect.

Image of Steve Nuttall, Founder at Serve The Team;

Squeaky's great. It's easy to integrate and simple to use. It quickly let us see how potential customers were responding to our sign up page, helping us to identify an issue with the layout and site nav and improve conversion.

Image of Steve Nuttall, Founder at Serve The Team;

Steve Nuttall Founder at Serve The Team

Let data do the talking


Squeaky tracks every click on any element of your site or web app. We then aggregate this based on device size so that we can show you which elements are being clicked most and least often.


Scrollmaps help you understand how far down the page your users are scrolling so that you know whether your most important content is high enough on the page or going to waste.

Continuous collection

From the moment the Squeaky tracking code is installed, you're continuously collecting heatmap data for any page that your users have visited. This gives you a wealth of data to analyse at any time you choose

Compare devices

Use our simple toggles to quickly see differences in how your visitors are interacting with your website or web app depending on which device they are visiting on.

There's plenty more great features across our platform

All Squeaky Features

Five more incredible features in the Squeaky toolkit.

We've built an analytics platform designed to paint the full picture of your customer experience. There's no need to pay for multiple tools or spend time figuring out how to fit them together.



Our privacy-friendly analytics tool offers you straightforward access to the precise and meaningful data you need.

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Track and compare any activity on your site, including page visits, button clicks, or any custom event you like.

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It's never been easier to understand your users, thanks to our seamless session recording and playback.

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Improve your user journeys by discovering the exact routes your visitors take around your site.

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Learn from your customers by including NPS® and Sentiment surveys anywhere in your website or app.

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