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Capture pixel-perfect session recordings that help you understand the experience of your customers without compromising their privacy.

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Recordings at a glance

Screenshot from inside the app
Screenshot from inside the app
Screenshot from inside the app
Screenshot from inside the app
Screenshot from inside the app

Our elegant playback interface allows you to quickly navigate through recordings: pause, play, adjust playback speed, skip inactivity, and view all the different types of user activity directly on the playback timeline.

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Alongside a rich array of contextual recording information, we link to your visitor's profile, any feedback they've provided, a feed of all the pages they visited and their activity that session. You can even enrich it all with notes and tags for easy references later.

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Reduce noise by using advanced filters to segment your recordings and surface only those relevant to the task at hand.

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We don't use cookies or IP address tracking, and we provide tools like our Magic Erasure that help you avoid collecting any personal data on your users.

Image of Matt Johnson, CEO at Taskable;

Squeaky is a great, no-nonsense way of seeing how users are using our app. We get great insights that we use to improve Taskable on a weekly basis.

Image of Matt Johnson, CEO at Taskable;

Matt Johnson CEO at Taskable

Capture the full picture

Recordings overview

View all your website or web app's visitors in one place. You can easily filter the data to find the recordings that are most relevant to the task at hand.

Amazing playback

Our script captures an exact copy of your website, as your visitor saw it. That way, when you play back a visitors session you can see exactly what they saw.

Playback controls

Pause and scrub recordings to quickly navigate the playback, and view the recording at faster or slower speeds to go through the sessions at your preferred pace.


Zoom in and out of your session playback to take in the whole picture, or focus on the tiniest details.

Session info

Anonymous session information, such as the user's device, browser and language, help you understand the context of their visit, use data linking to add additional fields from your own database.

Activity and pages feed

Easily navigate your recording using a timestamped list of the pages visited or the activity feed (e.g. clicks, scrolls, hovers etc).

Notes and tags

Use notes and tags to document visitor behaviour, site issues, and activity, so you have a clear record of the moments that need addressing later.


If you're using our NPS® or Sentiment survey tools then we'll pull feedback data directly in the recordings overview and the recording playback.

Bulk actions

Sometimes you'll want to quickly update the properties of multiple recordings at once. We've made that effortless, by providing bulk actions you can access from the recordings overview

Data linking

For some companies it's vitally important to be able to link your Squeaky visitors to your existing user database. With our Linked Data feature you can make that connection, and still keep their data private if you need.

Custom columns

Squeaky captures an enormous amount of data, but sometimes you'll want to cut out the noise and focus on the data points that matter to your business. We made that effortless, with our custom column management.


Keep track of the most interesting or important recordings by bookmarking your favourites. You can access these quickly later on by using the filters provided, or from within the visitor's individual profile.

There's plenty more great features across our platform

All Squeaky Features

Five more incredible features in the Squeaky toolkit.

We've built an analytics platform designed to paint the full picture of your customer experience. There's no need to pay for multiple tools or spend time figuring out how to fit them together.



Our privacy-friendly analytics tool offers you straightforward access to the precise and meaningful data you need.

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Track and compare any activity on your site, including page visits, button clicks, or any custom event you like.

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Learn from your customers by including NPS® and Sentiment surveys anywhere in your website or app.

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Discover which content matters most to your visitors, and where your business could be performing better.

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Improve your user journeys by discovering the exact routes your visitors take around your site.

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