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We founded Squeaky to provide the first truly comprehensive, privacy-friendly product and web analytics suite. However, at the heart of that mission lies a contradiction, as great web and product analytics tools inherently capture a lot data. So, how exactly does Squeaky provide an incredible turnkey analytics tool, whilst also protecting end users from arbitrary or invasive data capture?

There are three pillars of privacy-first product development that form the foundation of our product, and inform every decision we make:


The highest privacy protections by default

From the moment a customer starts using Squeaky, our privacy controls are set to provide the highest possible level of protection for their users.

The default settings can be fine-tuned to meet the exact privacy standards expected by their users and required of their business.


Choice and control for everyone

Squeaky includes an array of tools that ensure businesses only capture the data that they need, and that their customers consent to provide.

Both our customers, and their users, can easily understand the data being collected, and remove it at will.


100% of the value with 100% of the privacy

Conventional analytics companies compromise user privacy to deliver value to their customers.

We're taking a new approach, creating an entire suite of analytics tools that uses the least sensitive data to power the most important features for our customers.

These guiding principles have led us to take a new and innovative approach to how we build our product, leading to an amazingly broad array of privacy features and functionality throughout our application.

Privacy protection in practice

Tracking & Data Capture

Screenshot from inside the app

No cookies or IP-based tracking

Unlike conventional analytics tools we never use cookies, third party or first party, to track your visitors. Likewise, we don't store your visitors' IP addresses, or undertake digital fingerprinting of any kind.

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Text and form anonymisation

Our tracking code anonymise all text across your site by default - your visitors will still see it, but our tracking code won't capture it.

Depending on the needs of your business, you can easily turn this off, or choose to anonymise only the information your visitors enter in forms.

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No-code data suppression

Squeaky's Magic Erasure is a code-free solutions that helps you to prevent data being captured for any specific element on your site, with just one click.

This is a privacy feature unique to Squeaky, if you'd like to learn more please click here.

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Full control via privacy classes for your HTML

If you're looking for maximum control over the data capture of any element on your site, you can make use of Squeaky's privacy tags for your HTML.

Visit our developer documentation to learn more.

Customer Support Access


You decide when we can access your account

By default, our team have no access to the analytics interface for your site. If you'd like help troubleshooting and issue you can optionally choose to provide access to our customer support team with one click.

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