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Join the Squeaky Partner Program to accelerate your business growth. Each time you introduce a client to Squeaky you'll earn 20% of any recurring revenue from the referral, for the duration of their contract.

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Get rewarded for the customers you introduce to Squeaky

In just a few steps you'll be helping clients to improve their customer experience, while growing recurring revenue for your business too.


Have your clients start using Squeaky

Become a partner and you'll receive a dedicated partner referral link to share with clients.


See your income grow when referrals convert

Once your clients starts paying for Squeaky you'll earn 20% commission for each payment they make.


Cash out your earnings every month

Every month, for the duration of the customer contract, you'll be able to claim your commission.

Frequently asked questions

Earnings are dependent on the pricing plans that your clients are on, but here are some examples if you were to have several clients on a paid-monthly business plan:

  • Refer 10 clients and earn up to $7,080 per year
  • Refer 50 clients and earn up to $35,400 per year
  • Refer 75 clients and earn up to $53,100 per year

The Squeaky Partner Program is open to any legally registered businesses that wishes to refer their clients to Squeaky and help them improve their customer experience. Ideally, you have an existing group of clients or an audience who need a solution like Squeaky.

We reserve the right to reject applications from business that we don't feel are suitable partners to Squeaky.

You'll continue to earn referral fees for the duration of the customers subscription to Squeaky. Even if they are no longer a direct client of yours, you will continue to earn referral fees based on their subscription as long as your legally registered business is still in operation.

We provide you with a dedicated sign-up page just for your clients, and you'll also have access to dashboard where you can track your clients site status, subscriptions, and instructions for when and how to invoice Squeaky for your referral fees.

Squeaky will help your clients win new business, and create incredible experiences for their customers.

Squeaky's future-proof analytics suite puts data at the heart of how companies understand and improve their customer experience.

Squeaky's core features


Turn your data into actionable insights to improve your user experience and convert leads faster than ever.

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It's never been easier to understand your users, thanks to our seamless session recording and playback.

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Event Tracking

Monitor every element of your customer experience by tracking any action taking place on your site.

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Discover which content matters most to your visitors, and where your business could be performing better.

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Learn from your customers by including NPS® and Sentiment surveys anywhere in your website or app.

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Find out where your customers are going or where they came from by mapping their journey through your site.

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