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Optimise and improve your user journeys by surfacing the exact routes your visitors are taking when navigating around your site.

  • See the common journeys between pages
  • Discover where your customers drop off
  • Spot weak points in your conversion funnels
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Journeys at a glance

Screenshot from inside the app
Screenshot from inside the app
Screenshot from inside the app
Screenshot from inside the app
Screenshot from inside the app

Choose any page on your site and we'll show you exactly where your visitor went, from that page onwards. This will help you to better understand the key parts of their journey.

Screenshot from inside the app

Discover the most common routes to any individual page on your site. By uncovering these routes you'll see where you need to optimise your journey to improve conversion.

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It's incredibly important to see where your customers are dropping off along your core user journeys, so we highlight the drop-off rate for each page throught the journey.

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Compare your user journeys before and after major changes and you'll be able to measure exactly how much of an impact your updates have made.

Image of Stas Kulesh, Founder of Karma;

A great onboarding experience is so important for our new users, and Squeaky gives us access to vital insights about their experience. I've had great support from their team and all my questions get answered promptly.

Image of Stas Kulesh, Founder of Karma;

Stas Kulesh Founder of Karma

Discover and optimise your user journeys

Start and end points

Set the exact starting point of a customer journey and you'll see where your visitors went from there. Alternatively, set an end point to see how your visitors got there.

Drop-off rates

View drop-off rates that show you how many users are leaving your site from any given page in their journey. This will help you improve and optimise the journeys and keep your visitors from leaving too soon.

View recordings

If you've spotted a user journey that you'd like to watch back, you can quickly jump from the journeys view to a filtered list or recordings that match that journey.


From the moment the Squeaky tracking code is installed, you're continuously collecting journeys data for any page that your users have visited. This gives you a wealth of data to analyse at any time you choose

Filter by date

Viewing your data over the right time period is vital, so Squeakily lets you quickly apply pre-defined date ranges.


Narrow your focus by using pins to exclude pages from the journey that are not relevant to your analysis.

Traffic sources

By using traffic source data you can refine the journeys you're evaluating based on where your visitors are coming from.

There's plenty more great features across our platform

All Squeaky Features

Five more incredible features in the Squeaky toolkit.

We've built an analytics platform designed to paint the full picture of your customer experience. There's no need to pay for multiple tools or spend time figuring out how to fit them together.



Discover which content matters most to your visitors, and where your business could be performing better.

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Our privacy-friendly analytics tool offers you straightforward access to the precise and meaningful data you need.

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Track and compare any activity on your site, including page visits, button clicks, or any custom event you like.

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It's never been easier to understand your users, thanks to our seamless session recording and playback.

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Learn from your customers by including NPS® and Sentiment surveys anywhere in your website or app.

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