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Squeaky for startups

At Squeaky we know how it feels to be a new startup that's locked out of great tools because of prohibitively expensive pricing, that's why we created a discount program just for new businesses!

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Squeaky helps startups to create market leading customer experiences.

Other companies will overcharge you and still leave you wanting more. By choosing Squeaky's comprehensive analytics suite you've got customer experience analytics fully covered.

Squeaky's core features


Turn your data into actionable insights to improve your user experience and convert leads faster than ever.

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It's never been easier to understand your users, thanks to our seamless session recording and playback.

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Event Tracking

Monitor every element of your customer experience by tracking any action taking place on your site.

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Discover which content matters most to your visitors, and where your business could be performing better.

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Learn from your customers by including NPS® and Sentiment surveys anywhere in your website or app.

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Find out where your customers are going or where they came from by mapping their journey through your site.

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How Squeaky for startups works

To join our startup programme you just have to have been active for less than 2 years and follow the steps below:


Sign up and install your tracking code

It takes just a couple of minutes to sign up and set up your tracking code.


Apply to access our startup program

Apply by filling out the form at the bottom of this page, we'll get back to you within 2 days.


Get 50% off any self-service plan for 2 years

Pay monthly or annually for whichever plan best suits you and your team.

Frequently asked questions

Any business that has been active for less than 2 years can access our startup program.

We perform basic due diligence upon receiving your application, and you will have the opportunity to raise a dispute if we reject your application.

We reserve the right to reject applications for any reason we see fit, most often this will be if we feel your operating model risks conflicting with our Terms of Service.

Potential savings depend upon the pricing plan that you have chosen. Below are few examples

  • If you were paying annually for our Starter self-service plan then over 2 years you would have paid $12.50 per month instead of $25.00, saving $300.00.
  • If you were paying annually for our Business self-service plan then over 2 years you would have paid $147.50 per month instead of $295.00, saving $3,540.00

When your discount period ends your next bill (that corresponds with your preferred billing cycle) will no longer include your 50% discount. As with all customers, you will be able to cancel at any time and receive a pro rata refund for any months you didn't use.

The features available vary depending on the plan that you have chosen. If you are unsure whether an additional feature is right for your business then please get in touch - we'll gladly provide trial usage of additional features for free, and we're happy to hop on a demo call anytime.

Get in touch if you'd like to learn more about the Startup Programme before applying

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