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Automatically capture any activity on your site for easy comparison, including page visits, button or text clicks, javascript errors, or any custom event you like.

  • Monitor engagement and track user activation
  • Compare the performance of features and pages
  • Track errors and bugs to gauge their impact
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Event tracking at a glance

Screenshot from inside the app
Screenshot from inside the app
Screenshot from inside the app
Screenshot from inside the app
Screenshot from inside the app

Capturing and grouping event data across your site allows you to easily discover the hidden patterns in user behaviour, meaning you can more effectively optimise conversion and improve your customer experience.

Screenshot from inside the app

With Squeaky you can easily track all visitor activity on your site, and you can even send offsite activity to Squeaky via API, allowing you to capture and monitor data throughout your business.

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Once your tracking code is installed there's no configuration required for key events such as page views, text or button clicks, UTM parameters, and javascript errors. So you can retrospectively investigate any issue with no configuration required.

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Find out which errors are having the most impact on your users and compare their impact over time.

Image of Steve Nuttall, Founder at Serve The Team;

Squeaky's great. It's easy to integrate and simple to use. It quickly let us see how potential customers were responding to our sign up page, helping us to identify an issue with the layout and site nav and improve conversion.

Image of Steve Nuttall, Founder at Serve The Team;

Steve Nuttall Founder at Serve The Team

Data on demand

Autocapture events

Squeaky automatically captures several pre-defined visitor actions such as page views, clicks or javascript errors. Autocapture of event data provides you with historical data that you can interrogate at any time in the future.

Custom events

Add custom tracking for any user activity you can think of e.g. every time a user updated their shopping cart, or tried out a new feature. Custom events are incredibly powerful, though they're one of the few areas of Squeaky that require technical expertise.

API-based tracking

With our API-based event tracking you can send any sever-side or third-party event data directly to Squeaky for monitoring and comparison, read more here.

Javascript error tracking

Automatically detect an javascript errors during your visitors sessions, so that you can quickly discover issues with your site and ensure a flawless user experience.

Event groups

Groups allow you to bundle particular events that are related to one another, making it easy to quickly compare an array of similar events with just a few clicks.


The event history view allows you to track all instances of an event over time, but you can also pull additional events to the same charts and see, side-by-side, how events compare with one another.

Event feed

From within the events history page, you have access to a feed showing whenever an event took place, allowing you to quickly find the visitors or recordings that contain a particular event.

There's plenty more great features across our platform

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Five more incredible features in the Squeaky toolkit.

We've built an analytics platform designed to paint the full picture of your customer experience. There's no need to pay for multiple tools or spend time figuring out how to fit them together.



Our privacy-friendly analytics tool offers you straightforward access to the precise and meaningful data you need.

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It's never been easier to understand your users, thanks to our seamless session recording and playback.

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Discover which content matters most to your visitors, and where your business could be performing better.

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Improve your user journeys by discovering the exact routes your visitors take around your site.

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Learn from your customers by including NPS® and Sentiment surveys anywhere in your website or app.

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