Product Update: July 2022

Image of the blog authorChris PattisonLast updated: June 1, 2023

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We've been hard at work throughout July adding loads of amazing new features and functionality to the Squeaky product. In the blog post below we've highlighted all of the biggest changes.

New feature: event tracking

After a lot of hard work, including the aforementioned migration to Clickhouse, we've released Squeaky's Event Tracking feature! You'll be able to Beta test the feature for the next couple of months on any plan, after which it will be available to all paying customers.

An image of the Events History page in the Squeaky app
An image of the Events History page in the Squeaky app

What is Event Tracking?

Well, to help you make the most out of the data you're capturing with Squeaky, we allow you to create definitions for any action that visitors are taking on your site. For example, you could track each time your visitors click the Login button. You can then compare the actions you have defined in the events interface, to see how often they're taking place.

We automatically capture a lot of events without you ever have to configure anything (e.g. page views or clicks), but you can define custom events too.

Why might you use event tracking?

There are many reasons why companies choose to track events on their website or app. Here are a few examples of how our alpha testers have already been using the feature:

  • One company is comparing how their product pages are performing compared to one another.
  • Another business has established which Call To Action buttons are being clicked most often.
  • One customer has been using it to more easily measure how often their ebooks are being downloaded.

Updated session playback controls

The session playback controls have been updated so that you'll now see the visitors' inactivity highlighted in red, and you can display icons along the timeline for any events that have taken place.


The previous playback controls
The previous playback controls


The current playback controls
The current playback controls

We've also improved the performance when you scrub backwards and forwards within the recording and ironed out some other bugs.

New session activity metric

To complement the inactivity zones that we now display in the playback controls we've added an Activity metric that you can see in the sidebar of the session playback, and as an additional column in your recordings table.

Activity displays how long visitors were active during their session. For example: a visitor could be browsing for a few minutes, go to a different tab for a while, and then come back and be active again.

The new activity column on the Recordings page
The new activity column on the Recordings page

Refreshed app styles

As Squeaky has become more information/feature-rich over time, we felt the interface needed a refresh to accommodate the growing product and functionality. With that in mind, we've started rolling out what we're calling Squeaky 4.0 Style. To minimise disruption there will be a gradual transition to the new styles over the next few months. The first big changes are highlighted below, and we'll provide another update in next month's update.

New navigation

In the 9 months since we last updated the navigation design its contents have grown considerably. To support recent feature additions, and other changes we have in the pipeline, we've added a new and improved navigation that is more compact and grouped by categories of functionality:

A before and after comparison of the new navigation
A before and after comparison of the new navigation

Improved typography and iconography

We've reduced the sizes of various headings and body-text to ensure high-density information display. For example, the recordings table is much easier to use and improvements in the typography and iconography bring greater consistency and balance throughout the application.

More compact table rows

You'll now be able to comfortably see more records on your screen at once as we've reduced table rows from 64px to 48px height, along with some of the fonts.

New buttons styles

The Squeaky buttons are now smaller than before and include some new colours for the secondary buttons.

NPS® upgrades

As with last month, we've continued making considerable improvements to our NPS® Survey functionality:

Custom Triggers

If you require your NPS® Survey to trigger only at very specific moments you can now define custom triggers that will be detected by our tracking script. For more information and examples, please visit the Squeaky Developer Documentation.

Multi-language Support

Your NPS® Survey can now be displayed in any language you want. We've started with English, Czech, Spanish, Polish, French, Dutch, and Swedish, but if you'd like us to add another language just let us know!

New layout

We've updated the tabs structure and layout to make it easier to configure the settings of your widget, and view your latest feedback. Alongside this, we've moved the preview controls and the ‘on/off' switch to the top of the page so it's easier to find!

User journeys improvements

Last but not least (this is a slightly technical update)…if your site generates a URL structure that contains unique parameters e.g. User ID's, then we've added a tool that allows you to swap these parameters with a common phrase. This will generate a cleaner and more readable map of your visitor journey.

The new controls for structured URLs within the Journeys page
The new controls for structured URLs within the Journeys page

That's all for July! Thanks so much for reading and we hope you're happy with the latest changes. If you'd like to get in touch with other feature requests or improvements, don't hesitate to contact us at any time via