Product Update: February 2023

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February was another great month at Squeaky, with lots of awesome improvements to our product. The post below outlines the key changes, including upgrades to the Journeys feature, integration with Duda CMS, and a bunch of improvements to our event tracking interface, API, and more.

User journeys upgrade

Over the last few months we've made a series of small updates to our Journeys feature, along with several bug fixes, but last month we decided to put time into increasing the overall functionality - the major and minor changes are described below.

Major changes

Firstly, we've added a new pinning feature that allows you to choose any specific page in a column that you want to focus on. Once clicked, it hides any pages in subsequent columns that were not visited from the pinned page.

Image shows a page pinned in column 2 of a journey.
Image shows a page pinned in column 2 of a journey.

Along with pinning, there is now a brand new first column (minimised by default) that includes traffic sources that lead to your start page.

Image shows the new traffic sources column open in the Journey interface.
Image shows the new traffic sources column open in the Journey interface.

Lastly, we corrected an historical error. In the past, Journeys were based on a Start Point, but in reality, these included any journey where the user looped through that specific page on your site - it was their journey from that point onwards. To clarify the functionality we now only use true start pages i.e. instances when the chosen page was the very first page on any given visitor's journey.

Minor changes

  • Update the UI so there is a menu icon on each page card that contains all your options for that given page.
  • The percentages and drop-off metrics have been restyled for improved readability.
  • We added hover tooltips to the URLs of the cards.
  • There is now a 'Go To Page' option which takes you to that page on your website.
  • The 1st column is now called 'Start' if it's a start-based journey, and the last column is named 'End' if it's an end-based journey.
Image shows some click and hover views in the Journeys interface.
Image shows some click and hover views in the Journeys interface.

Event Tracking upgrades

Last month we announced the release of our API-based event tracking and throughout February we continued to improve the event tracking interface and functionality in Squeaky.

New metrics

In the event history page, you'll now find two additional columns in the Stats tab, one for 'Unique Triggers', and the other for 'Average Events Per Visitor'.

  • Unique triggers: this data point will let you know how many times an event has been uniquely triggered alongside the all-time triggers. This is particularly useful for instances where you're only interested in individual users who have triggered an event, regardless of how many times.
  • Average events per visitor: this metric will indicate how many times on average the visitors that did trigger the event triggered it (it excludes users who did not trigger the event at all).

New charts

Alongside the new trigger metrics, we've added additional views for the existing data points. Firstly, we've added stacked bar charts so you can more easily compare data points on the same day. Secondly, you'll now find a donut chart showing the total triggers of each event you are comparing in the stats table:

Image shows the new charts in event tracking.
Image shows the new charts in event tracking.

Nested pages view for the page selector

The Squeaky page selector is already a powerful component, but we've now added a new list view that could save you even more time. By default, you'll be viewing your pages from page-view count High → Low, but now you have the additional option of choosing a nested layout. This means that you can quickly select all of the children of a parent page and easily apply them as filters on your data. We've recorded a quick video demonstration below:

Video shows a short demonstration of the nested pages filter feature

Duda integration

We want to bring Squeaky’s privacy-first approach to analytics to as many websites as possible, and one of the best ways we can do that is by integrating with great CMS platforms. We’ve got several great integrations planned for the year ahead, and we’re kicking things off by integrating with Duda, one of the leading CMS platforms for agencies and SaaS companies.

Image shows a screenshot of the Duda homepage.
Image shows a screenshot of the Duda homepage.

We’ve already welcomed 25 new Duda sites to Squeaky in the last couple of days, and we can’t wait to see how Squeaky helps them to better understand their users, and improve their websites.

Visitor and recording page counts

You can now see a count next to the Visitors and Recordings page titles that shows you exactly how many records there are that match your current filter and date range. It's only a small thing, but super helpfulness nonetheless:

Image shows an example of the visitor count next to the page heading.
Image shows an example of the visitor count next to the page heading.

Pause session playback if you leave the tab

Some of our users like to open up recordings from their recordings list in multiple tabs and then visit each one in turn. However, because historically our recordings automatically play when the recording loads, this meant winding the recording back to the beginning when you opened that tab. To make that easier, we've now made it so that if you are not actively in the browser tab the video will automatically pause.

Fixed session storage bug in Chrome

A few users reported instances where their visitor recordings were not persisting across different tabs or pages. On investigation, we discovered that a recent update to the Chrome browser had affected the way we store data using session storage, so we introduced a fix that resolved the issue. Luckily it only impacted a small volume of Chrome sessions, but if you noticed a few sessions that were broken up into multiple small recordings last month, rather than one long one, this was why.

Thanks for reading about the latest product updates from February 2023. If you have any questions or comments please reach out to us via