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Squeaky is a great, no-nonsense way of seeing how users are using our app. We get great insights that we use to improve Taskable on a weekly basis.

Image of Matt Johnson, CEO at Taskable;

Matt Johnson CEO at Taskable

Frequently asked questions

Visits are the times when individual visitors have visited your website or web app. A visit could last minutes or hours, but if a visitor has been inactive for 30 minutes then the visit is closed, if they reactivate then a new visit is started.

If you are not familiar with how much traffic or visitors you currently have, then don't worry. You can start on the free plan and you will be notified when you are approaching your visit limit and can upgrade at that time.

As you approach the visit limit for your subscription we will send you an email to let you know, and once your limit has been reached you will receive an additional email notification. If you're approaching or exceed your limit you have two options:

  1. You can simply wait until your next month starts, at which point you will begin capturing new visit data using the new month's allocation.
  2. You can upgrade your plan within Squeaky, this will ensure you don't run over your limit the following month and that have no unnecessary gaps in your data for the current month.

Absolutely, simply head to the subscription page in Squeaky and you can downgrade or cancel your subscription at any time.

For monthly subscriptions your Squeaky plan will be billed on the same day as you initiated your active plan e.g. if you first start using the Light Plan on the 3rd of February, you will be billed on that day and on the 3rd of each month thereafter.

For annual subscriptions, your Squeaky plan will be billed on the same day as you initiated your active plan the previous year.

We've gone out of our way to make sure installing Squeaky is easy. We have installation guides for all leading CMS and eCommerce platforms, as well as for manual installation. Typically installation takes 2-5 minutes, and if you run into any problems we're on hand to walk you through the steps required to get up and running.

Our script is the last thing to load on your page, and is incredible small, so the performance is great - you and your users will never know it's there. We also don't cache huge volumes of data on your user's device, so there is no risk of the user's device performance degrading as the session gets longer.

Yes of course, please visit our Legal & Compliance page to learn more.

Yes, you can find our privacy policy here.

Your data storage allocation is dependent upon the plan you are on:

  • Free plan: 1 month of data storage.
  • Starter plan: 3 months of data storage.
  • Business plan: 12 months of data storage.
  • Enterprise plan: Custom data storage.

Any session data older than your plans data storage limit will be automatically deleted.

We offer email, live chat, and phone support, depending on the plan you are on. Response times are dictated by the Service Level Agreement of your current plan and Enterprise customers have a dedicated account manager.

We also offer extensive documentation and how-to guides in our Help Centre.

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