Picking the right tool is vital, which is why we provide a detailed overview of all our core features.


At Squeaky, privacy is not just a buzzword, it's a core feature of our offering. We're private by default, and offer a full range of options to help you protect your customers' data.

Anonymous by default

Squeaky maintains your visitors' privacy by avoiding cookie-based tracking, and never storing IP addresses or undertaking digital fingerprinting.

Form masking

Our script automatically anonymises all data entered in forms and we ensure you never have to transfer customer data from their device.

Hide anything

Add our privacy tags to elements of your site or web app's html to anonymise any elements you like, ensuring that even logged in users can stay anonymous.


For our enterprise customers we can offer on-premise hosting, enabling you to store all Squeaky data directly on your own servers.


Landing in a data-driven app can be confusing. That's why we pull some of the key datapoints onto the first page of our application, helping you get to the information that matters the moment you arrive.

Data at a glance

The moment you land in Squeaky we provide you with a snapshot of you total visitors, recordings and pageviews, highlighting how many new items you have to review.

Latest recording

Jump straight in to your very latest recording right from the homescreen. Once it's finished playing you can jump straight to the next recording in your feed.

Global notes

Take a quick look at the latest notes that have been added to recordings, and quickly jump into any recording with important notes assigned.


One of the best ways to make sense of your user data is to view it on a per-visitor basis. Our privacy-first profiles group recordings and analytics data per-visitor, so you can see exactly what their experience has been.

Visitors overview

View a quick run-down of all your website or web app's visitors. You can easily filter the data to find the visitors that are most relevant to your current needs.

Visitor status

Squeaky automatically highlights any visitors you've never viewed before, helping you to better support and learn from new visitors.


Keep track of the most interesting or important visitors by starring your favourites. You can access these quickly later on by using the filters provided.

Detailed anonymity

We capture non-private information, like the visitors' device, browser, and language, along with a host of other important data points that enrich your understanding of your visitors.

Data linking

For some companies it's vitally important to be able to link your Squeaky visitors to your existing user database. With our Linked Data feature you can make that connection, and still keep their data private if you need.

Analytics built-in

See your users in a new light, with high-level stats about their site or web app usage, including average session duration, number of pages visited, average pages per session, and more.

Custom columns

Squeaky captures an enormous amount of data, but sometimes you'll want to cut out the noise and focus on the data points that matter to your business. We made that effortless, with our custom column management.


Understanding what your users have been up to has never been easier, thanks to our seemless session recording and playback.

Recordings overview

View all your website or web app's visitors in one place. You can easily filter the data to find the recordings that are most relevant to the task at hand.

Perfect playback

Our script captures a perfect copy of your website, exactly as your visitor saw it. That way, when you play back a visitor's session you can see exactly what they saw.

Playback controls

Pause and scrub recordings to quickly navigate the playback, and view the recording at faster or slower speeds to go through the sessions at your preferred pace.


Zoom in and out of your session playback to take in the whole picture, or focus on the tiniest details.

Session info

Anonymous session information, such as the user's device, browser and language, help you understand the context of their visit, use data linking to add additional fields from your own database.

Activity and pages feed

Easily navigate your recording using a timestamped list of the pages visited or the activity feed (e.g. clicks, scrolls, hovers etc).

Notes and tags

Use notes and tags to document visitor behaviour, site issues, and activity, so you have a clear record of the moments that need addressing later.


If you're using our NPS® or Sentiment survey tools then we'll pull feedback data directly in the recordings overview and the recording playback.

Bulk actions

Sometimes you'll want to quickly update the properties of multiple recordings at once. We've made that effortless, by providing bulk actions you can access from the recordings overview

Data linking

For some companies it's vitally important to be able to link your Squeaky visitors to your existing user database. With our Linked Data feature you can make that connection, and still keep their data private if you need.

Custom columns

Squeaky captures an enormous amount of data, but sometimes you'll want to cut out the noise and focus on the data points that matter to your business. We made that effortless, with our custom column management.


Keep track of the most interesting or important recordings by bookmarking your favourites. You can access these quickly later on by using the filters provided, or from within the visitor's individual profile.


Our analytics tool turns your data into actionable insights, enabling you to quickly understand the trends and behaviours that matter most to your business.

Visitor numbers

Knowing what times and days your traffic is peaking provides vital signals that help you measure success and learn when to post content, release changes or start new marketing campaigns.

Page visits

Understanding when your pages are proving most popular will help your discover the content that matters most to your visitors.

Filter by date

Viewing your data over the right time period is vital, so Squeaky lets you quickly apply pre-defined date ranges.

Average session duration

Squeaky highlights how long people are spending on your website or app, providing important insights into how engaging your content is.

Pages per session

Quickly discover how effective your site is by seeing whether your visitors are regularly browsing the entirety of your site, or sticking to a narrow selection of pages and then leaving.

Traffic sources

Knowing where your visitors are arriving from can help you to better understand your audience and the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Location and language

Find out which regions and languages bring you the most visitors, so you can make sure your content and marketing is targeted at the right people.

Popular pages

Most visitors are going to visit your homepage, but where do they go next, and for how long? Squeaky surfaces this data to help you rapidly improve your site or app.

Browser and device types

Deliver targeted improvements to your website, using precise knowledge of the devices and browsers your visitors are using.

Device widths

Use our device-width graph to see which screen sizes are most commonly used to view your website or web app, ensuring you only spend time designing for the right scenarios.


We offer industry standard feedback surveys to help you enrich your visitor data by pairing it with direct feedback.

Net Promoter Score®

Squeaky offers built in NPS® survey functionality enabling you to add the widely used market research metric directly on your website or in your web app.

Sentiment analysis

Our sentiment survey offers a straightforward and relatable way to let your customers tell you how they're feeling about using your services.

Appearance customisation

Style your feedback widgets to match your brand, and choose the layout or positioning that works best for your website or web app.

Display options

Depending on which type of feedback you're using, you can choose which pages it's displayed on and how often, ensuring you only connect with your visitors when the time is right.


Use detailed charts and analysis to detect trends in your customer feedback that you can use to determine targeted improvements to their experience.


Apply feedback filters throughout the Squeaky application so you can easily focus on visitors and recordings with feedback.


Use aggregated user interaction data to better understand the performance of your site, what areas of your interface are being interacted with most, and which content matters.


Squeaky tracks every click on any element of your site or web app. We then aggregate this based on device size so that we can show you which elements are being clicked most and least often.


Scrollmaps help you understand how far down the page your users are scrolling so that you know whether your most important content is high enough on the page or going to waste.

Continuous collection

From the moment the Squeaky tracking code is installed, you're continuously collecting heatmap data for any page that your users have visited. This gives you a wealth of data to analyse at any time you choose

Compare devices

Use our simple toggles to quickly see differences in how your visitors are interacting with your website or web app depending on which device they are visiting on.

365 storage

Any recording you've captured under your subscription will be available for 365 days. If you require data storage beyond the standard 365 limit, please get in touch.


At Squeaky we believe that every member of your team should care about the experience of your customers, so we've created a flexible team management system to enable anyone and everyone to be involved.

Unlimited members

Add unlimited team members to your Squeaky site, by simply entering their email address(es) and clicking send.

Easily manage roles

Squeaky offers 3 distinct roles: Owner, Admin, and Member, allowing you to provide only the relevant level of access to each team member.

Quickly update members

If you need to change someone's role, resend an invitation, or remove a team member, we make it effortless and fast.


With just the click of a button you can share interesting recordings with anyone else in your Squeaky team.


While you'll want your team in Squeaky with you, you won't want their visits impacting your data. That's why we let you screen out visits from specific email domains/address or IP addresses.


For enterprise customers we offer Single Sign-On so your teams can have authentication streamlined with the rest of your business.

Ease of use

We've paired our incredible array of features with a world-class user experience, offering effortless access to insights that can fundamentally change your business.

Simple installation

Installating the Squeaky tracking code is effortless, just copy it into the head HTML of any page on your website you wish to track, or use our installation guides for your CMS platform.

Fast and intuitive

We've made Squeaky incredibly fast and created an elegant and deceptively simple interface to ensure you get results quickly.

Reliable customer support

We're available via email, video call, or telephone (Enterprise only), and we always aim to reply within 2 hours during our working day.

Developer documentation

There's little-to-no technical expertise required, but if you want to make use of our most advanced privacy functionality we've got developer documentation to guide you.

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